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Attendance Procedures


According to California compulsory education laws, students ages 6-18 are to attend school.  Parents are therefore required to notify the school, following a student’s absence. To have a student’s absence excused, parents need to send a written note to the teacher within 72 hours following the student’s return to school, or call the attendance line at 682-8000 x85404. Only medical reasons are excused.


When you are calling in an absence for a student, please:

  • State the student’s full name, and please spell their last name.
  • State the student’s grade, teacher and room number.
  • State the reason for the absence. For example, fever, cold, doctor, dentist or appointment, or out of town.
  • Please mention the date(s) of the absence(s).
  • Finally, state the name and relationship of the person calling in the absence for the student.



Children need to line up outside their classrooms starting at 7:55am. Students must be in their seats in their classrooms by 8:00am. Students arriving on campus after 8:00am must report directly to the school office for a tardy pass.



Short-term independent study programs (5-10 days) are available to students and parents when family plans require a student to be absent for a minimum of five school days. Teachers will provide alternative assignments for students to be completed during the absence.  A written agreement is needed for the independent study program.  Teachers need to have at least two weeks notice to prepare the work for the student.


Please Note: Excessive absences and tardies will lead to a student’s attendance review team meeting by the school and district.