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Parking Lot/Drive Thru Safety

Please keep in mind the following safety rules for student drop-off and pick-up:

  • Students MAY NOT be dropped-off or picked-up in the staff parking lot.
  • Do not park in red zones.
  • The drive thru is only for quick drop off and pick-up. NO PARKING!
  • There is no left turn into or out of the drive thru.
  • Be kind and respectful to our neighbors. It is important that driveways are not blocked or used as U-turn areas. Please obey the rules of the road and adhere to the signs posted.

If you need to come onto campus, please park your car on the street. Before school you may pull into the drive-thru to let your child out, but please keep driving through. No long-term stops allowed. This keeps the drop-off process efficient and minimizes wait-time for those behind you in traffic.