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Wren Reader Club

Welcome to the Wren Reader Club

A club sponsored by the PTA


All Wren Avenue students are invited to join our Wren Reader Club.  In order to join: read the rules listed below, then have a parent or guardian discuss the rules with you and complete/sign one of the forms provided in the links below. Students may join at any time during the school year.




To receive free books students record the amount of minutes read daily on the Wren Reader Club calendar. If no reading has been completed, place a “0” down for the day.  Students must turn in completed calendars to their teacher by the first Tuesday of every month.  Teachers must turn in calendars by the first Friday of every month.  Late calendars will not be honored until the following month.


A free book is earned when the student reads the required minutes for their grade level. It may take more than one month to earn a book.  There is no need to keep track of your minutes from month to month as this will be done for you. Minimum minutes to earn books are:

  • kindergarten & first grades  = 400 minutes
  • second & third grades          = 500 minutes
  • fourth grade                        = 650 minutes
  • fifth grade                           = 750 minutes


  • Please record the actual minutes read each day.
  • Reading is defined as reading on your own, or having someone read to you.  Looking at picture books does not qualify.
  • Each student may earn up to two books per month.
  • Each calendar should have the student’s first and last name on it along with the teacher’s name.
  • A parent or guardian needs sign each calendar verifying the amount of minutes read.


Wren Reader rules (English) 

Wren Reader rules (Spanish)